by Vlad Bulgakov (FireLion), Crimea, Ukraine


Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA 




















This work is an attempt of cognition of the Truth. Future will show whether it was successful or not.


The author asks to relate with understanding to many neologisms, used by him in this work. Their usage was necessary, from one side, for introduction and explaining of new realities of  Being, and from the other side, as an attempt to explain with earth language what is very difficult to express with human words and wordings.










Phenomenon of physical Reality (i.e. everything surrounding us) has different characteristics. These characteristics are divided into: time and space, constant and variable.  In our manifested world speed and direction (vector) of Reality are constants, and density and volume are variable.


Lets consider one constant and one variable characteristics of Reality.


Velocity (speed) characteristic of Physical three-dimension Reality is the constant; otherwise there will be chaos in the world. To destroy a world it is not necessary to blow it up. It is enough simply to correct slightly one of the Reality constants in the Earth logoistic matrix by means of information transposition. For example, changing of a force of gravity would lead to a breach of gene-molecular bonds of the all planets living forms, and changing of a speed of physical three-dimension Reality would lead to mass madness. Thank God, Logoistic Matrix of the Earth Standard Constants is in a reliable place.


To recognize better a velocity characteristic of physical three-dimension Reality, imagine video tape recorder or film projector. We see dynamic image as a result of moving of separate static shots with constant speed. This creates an effect of reality of existence. Speed of films run-through should be equal 24 shots per second. Realization of our physical three-dimension Reality occurs in similar way. Earth Crystal plays a role of video tape recorder, and a set of probabilistic realities plays a role of videocassette. From this set the Earth Crystal chooses only one variant of manifested (realized) Reality. Information capsules play a role of shots that are transmitted from the system of worlds of probabilistic realities.


What happens if a speed of Reality realization in the Earth Crystal will be changed? Of course all of you saw TV image in rapid or slow version. Imagine that the same will occur with our real life! That is why speed of our physical three-dimension Reality is a constant.


As it has been stated earlier our physical three-dimension Reality has physical sense only in the limits of 144-kilometer rhombic grid web, wrapping round the Earth. Reality grid is those bondages and chains by which a man is fettered to the Earth. It is but they do not give him an opportunity to fly up and to travel across boundless space of the Universe. A man was created in such a way that he simply cannot live without an energy of his Reality. In such case what about the astronauts? As it was shown, spaceships are built with specific generators, simulating home reality for an astronaut. Everything is simpler in the case of our near-earth astronauts, as our physical three-dimension Reality has a property of volume elasticity measured by corresponding factor.


Transgressing the 144-kilometer bound of the Earth Reality, the astronauts locally stretch it, taking with them its part that is necessary for their life. Certainly, such elasticity has its limit, but, fortunately, not all humanity perform regular Space flights.


Understanding of this property of Reality in format of its influence on a person in future will give mankind a key to a possibility of interplanetary and interstellar flights in physical body.    









With time, in the future races, humanity will open practically boundless energy potential, containing in Reality (time and space). In splitting of hronoid and spacioid (torsion and anti torsion) or in their merging huge amount of energy releases. Energy, containing in 1 cubic meter of space, could provide with energy needs of modern mankind for some years.


In result of using a method of reality substitution there is an exchange of Matrix Blocks of Alternative Continuum (MBAC), which consists of logoistic consequence of Reality pixels. In other words, one reality block is substituted into parallel alternative reality, and at the same time MBAC of parallel reality travels into our reality. After deletion of unwilling situation a reverse exchange takes place.


How can we distinguish normal reality and alternative, imported reality? With time, in a process of opening of Heart and Consciousness, people will learn identify and sense different kinds of Unified Reality and the Universe. The art of identify a Reality is very important step on the way of release from illusions of three-dimension reality and the Truth Recognition!









It is necessary to state there are two fundamental constituents of Reality: obligatory (karmic, mandatory) and variable (non karmic, changeable).


Obligatory Reality is the physical constants, such as a relief of the Earth surface, recurrence of the season of a year, force of gravity, light speed, karmic meaningful world events and so on. However, a person practically every moment runs into a necessity to make a choice for one from variable versions of a Reality that becomes actual (manifested) Reality for him.


Every moment of life a person makes a choice: to do this or that, to go anywhere or not to go, call anybody or not and so on. There are 144000 available or variable versions of Reality. It means that karma providential events will happen with him anyway (although, of course, in definite cases with a permission of Higher Forces, it is possible to change this Reality parameter either), because they are mandatory components of Reality. Variable components of Reality depend on a persons decision. It is important to recognize that ALWAYS there is a choice of Reality, although in limited format. Truly speaking, 144000 variable versions of Reality may be considered as practically unlimited freedom of actions. For example, if a person is imprisoned, this prison is obligatory reality for him, but in every moment of his imprisonment a person may choose one from 144000 versions of variable component of Unified Reality (for example, to look at the door or not, move his mattress or not, to smoke or not and so on).


Possibility of programming of physical three-dimension Reality is actively used by Higher Forces for achievement of their evolutionary purposes of Karmic Law execution. There is a technology of matrix segmentation imprinting of Reality. This technology is creative and accessible for the entities, opening not less than 6 DNA strands and 51% of cerebral-cluster compartments of a brain. Its essence is: stochastic version of a reality is created; this version is logically in accord with previous and future course of events. After that a creative (originated) block-version of a Reality is imprinted, like injection, into our three-dimension Reality, not erasing its main version and not breaking its logical cause-effect connections. A mans consciousness takes alternative imprinting Reality as factual and builds his relation to it (i.e. behavior) correspondingly. For example, a person is going to go anywhere, but on the road an accident has to occur. For this person this accident is not karmic mandatory. He will be waiting for a bus for a very long time but a bus will not come. Actually, a bus is simply erased from his version of Reality. In result his trip is cancelled or delayed. Phantoms of people or objects may be imprinted also to make a person to do this or that action.


Parallel alternative reality is also called the 25th shot of Reality or the thirteenth reality.


As in the physical world, a person perceives only 24 shots of reality per second. The 25th shot is a separate probabilistic reality, evolutionary sense of which is to provide a rear opportunity to change inevitable events that seems to be unalterable.


In Space at present time a fierce battle is between the Forces of Light and Dark for control over the thirteenth reality. Anyone, who has a control over this reality, has practically boundless opportunities to control humanity.












It is obvious that a mans perceiving of Reality would be impossible without having a specific device brain or consciousness, strictly speaking, so called additive implant in his brain. It is very important to recognize that REALITY OF A PERSON EXISTS ONLY IN HIS CONSCIOUSNESS! He himself creates and makes his Reality (its variable part). How is his attitude toward a Reality, such his Reality is! If you want to change the world, change your attitude to it! says ancient wisdom.


Those Forces of Space, who literally have stolen a mans 10 DNA strands and blocked to 95 % of his brain, made him a drug addict of three-dimensional Reality. The point is that cerebral (brain) additive implant secretes specific ether emanations that, while a person is on Earth, cultivated in him an effect of reality addiction or dependence. If he stopped to pay his attention to time and space they would have stopped to exist for him! Have you ever thought about your possibility to live without time and space? Forces of Darkness did their best: a person cannot live without his virtual, phantom reality that he considers Only one and True Reality! Even short stay in closed space, without possibility to follow a course of time, gives rise to a disturbance of mans nervous system and further madness. By the way, claustrophobia is a product of action of brain implant. Endocrine system of a mans organism synthesized a specific, unknown to science, hormone of Reality perception perceptine. It is but perceptine makes for a mans perception of three-dimensional physical Reality. There is an analogy with hallucinogen. Reality perception on hormone level is a subject of the serious scientific researches as it is a result of biochemical interaction of different glands of an organism. Hypothalamus is responsible for hormone provision of a mans Reality perception; thymus is responsible for that a man thinks that he becomes older. Everything was made to convert a person from a creator to a slave.


From the definite point of view a wear of physical substance aging may be considered as a result of action of drag or friction of time and space, i.e. Reality. Density of Reality, and, therefore, a wear of bio substance are higher in big cities and the points of maximum concentration of Reality density (see fig. 2)


Right as a dream factory Reality generator, in which initial material is probabilistic information and final product is actualized Reality or life experience, may consider a human brain.


It has been already stated that Reality is forming with constant (obligatory) and variable components. A man is a bearer and a creator of variable part of Reality. His brain is a reactor for producing of variable Reality.


Cerebral brain reactor was encoded for electromagnetic working frequency of physical world. People who develop spiritually, i.e. permanently increase aura vibration frequency, we may observe now, in Transitional time, phenomenon of Realities conflicts. As a result they have revolutionary situation: heads (Higher Self) do not want to live in such a way anymore, masses (physical body and consciousness) cannot. It is an extreme test; it culminates with a birth of Radiant body of the Six Race Divine Man.


Due to our ignorance and non-perception of a true nature of our Reality, we were governed for a long time. When definite Forces needed a portion of corresponding energy, they simply made some alterations in a Reality program. As a visual illustration we recommend you to pay your attention to football fans during exciting match or to come into any Internet-center and look at crazy eyes of the gamers, playing in computer games! Everything is as in our EVERYDAY life: VIRTUAL REALITY, REAL THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS! Thus, our brain is the most powerful programmed generator of PHANTOMS! Those, who can govern over Reality, without any labor can control and use a man! For a long time this theme was prohibited, and the Dark suppress all attempts of humanity to learn the truth and its Divine nature. Certainly, if a person recognized his Divine likeness and saw the light, the Forces of Darkness would have lost control over humanity and, therefore, have been deprived of the source if their food. It will be equal to their destruction. That is why Armageddon taking place now is a fight between Forces of Light and Darkness for their existence and for a control over the Earth.


 Our Reality can be also likened to a spinning of linen: from great number of different threads a hand of Logos chooses pronouncedly definite threads, connects them and creates unique ornament. Similarly, the earth Reality is forming from numerous probabilistic Realities threads and after that it obtains definite karmic ornament.


The Earth Crystal is a multi D player that is permanently working with the disks consciousnesses of people. Transmission of constant (obligatory) components of Reality is executed on these disks. Maximum capacity of mens Reality matrixes of the Earth Crystal is 6.666.666.666. It is the bible number of people. This number corresponds to limit quantity of population of the planet Earth. Greater quantity of individual Reality capsules simply is not provided in operational memory of the Earth Logos. And without Reality, as it has been already stated, a man cannot live. 

Physical interactive three-dimensional Reality spread over the Earth due to the principle of chain reaction, where its pixels (dodecahedron subtle information crystals) in series, like a chain transmit waves of Reality. They form a fabric of Reality crystal grid encircling all surface of the Earth. Physical area of the Reality mega crystals is 12 square degrees. There are also crystals of more sizes and less sizes. Inside the crystals there are 7 zones of compression of Reality. They differ in a density of reality stream. Closer to the center the more dense Reality is, the stronger a morass of three-dimensional Reality holds a person. Those are usually places of karmic work-offs. Points of a crystal base, pyramids are the places of connection of Reality pixels in Unified mosaic. In these zones a density of Reality waves is minimal, from them it is easy to go away into other dimensions and Realities. Different inter-dimensional Portals are usually situated in these places.

 Crystals (pyramids) of Reality are quaternary. Four pyramids form Unified crystal structure, in which each peak is oriented to its own side of world and serves as a conductor of definite energy and element. Peaks, oriented to the North and the South, transmit energy of time, oriented to the West and to the East transmit energy of space.


Reality can exists only in interactive (associated) routine with mandatory presence of its consumer intellect. It is not important whether it is a stone or a man. Being was established in such a way that intellect till definite evolutionary level should be secondary in relation to Reality. Reality is primary, i.e. first, any event occurs and only after that there is a reaction of intellect on it. Therefore, interactive physical three-dimensional Reality is a provoking causal factor forcing a person to react on it. Being able to govern over Reality definite Forces of Space manipulated a man for a long time through his Reality, achieving a purpose of satisfaction of their energy needs. This Forces feed in negative mental and emotional emanation of a man. It reminds earth tests with mouse: if they want to get pain they act with electric current on definite zone of mouses brain; if they want to call a sense of pleasure they act on another one. Mouses are emanating necessary brain vibration.


The Six Race Four-dimensional Radiant Divine Man will be characterized by fundamentally new evolutionary quality: ability to create Reality (variable as well as obligatory!)  In future Spirit Realm vector of reality programming will be changed. If three-dimensional Reality is a cause of Being of three-dimensional consciousness, in four-dimensional world a man himself will be a cause of Reality!


In other words, Divine Man of New World will create and govern over his Reality through his Consciousness and Heart; Reality will be governed and ruled by him. Reality will submit and become secondary, and a Mans (Creators) consciousness will be primary.


Now Hierarchy of Darkness makes desperate attempts to prevent mankind to recognize the Truth of their Reality.


The Six Race Divine Man will wittingly exist in several Realities simultaneously. Technically it will look like the extension of his assembling point (manifestation) between the Third Center (Manipura) and above chakra centers. For this purpose The Higher Forces now actively use to some people an exercise reality extension. Its essence is in extension of assembly point of a man from Manipura to Anahata. With every extension of assembly point the last possesses characteristics of dimensional elasticity. Accomplishment of extended assembly point of the Fourth (Heart) Center (i.e. simultaneous existence in two chakra centers) will mean a mans readiness to Quantum Leap. This process is rather heavy and cruel because of the resistance of consciousness and cells of an organism. That is why Teachers of Light, under control of whom these operations are done, are very careful and prudent. All they are doing with us is necessary for our welfare and rescue.


Difficulty of the Truth cognition and real Reality is also that each dimension of Being is protected by frequency barrier a mirror. Every time, when a person tries to view the Higher Worlds, he sees his own reflection in a mirror! This dimensional mirror is also a boundary of consciousness level. To pass it and go out to higher level of the Universe it is necessary to SYNCHRONIZE ONES AURA VIBRATIONS WITH A FREQUENCY OF VIBRATION OF A MIRROR! Generally, the Universe is a set of nesting dolls: different dimensional worlds insert into each other and are mirror spheres reflecting themselves.


A man will become a Reality creator when he will recognize its essence! Recognizing by him his Divine origin and destination, meditations, prayers, astral travels, celestology, practicing any spiritual energy practice, making good and creation of Love abstract our brain from bondages of three-dimensional prison phantom physical programmed Reality. In result, a man stops to consume it or decreases of the volume of consumption. With it he joins and starts to recognize Truth Space Reality.


There is a charade: Surrounding Reality is delirium, caused by shortage of alcohol in blood. At first sight it seems to be a joke. But, if to think over more attentively, it is not so a joke. It is well known when add into organism narcotic or alcohol, its bio chemical structure changes. In result, a man is as if he stretches, passes to the other Reality, to another state of consciousness and starts to exist in two Realities simultaneously. Truly speaking, if he drinks very much he will fully go out from our Reality. There is a proverb: A drunk does not give a damn. Latent forces and abilities wake up in a man, his trauma resistance increases and so on. This phenomenon should be thoroughly investigated.











The Earth physical three-dimensional reality is constantly transmitting, like NV, with established speed of projection. A screen for Reality visualization is the planet surface, more precisely 144 km zone. In the Earth Crystal is that which fulfils a function of electron-beam tube, wavy transmitting a reality on the screen, i.e. into our world. Transmitting of Reality is taking place in the form of bunch dispersion in parallels (space) and in meridians (time). Splitting or transmission of Reality takes place informational, energy provision is carried out at the expense of energies of time and space, which in themselves are neutral. As it was stated before, the Earth axis plays a part of antenna for a receiving of information. The Sun Crystal is a transmitter of Reality main versions. There is a selection karmic choice of 12 main versions of probabilistic Reality for the Earth in the Sun Crystal.


Center of a screen of Reality zero degree of latitude and longitude is in Gulf of Guinea, close to Africa and Ascension Island. From this point of zero Reality Reality waves are extending in parallels to the point Portal West (180 degrees to the west from zero point) and in meridians to Portal East (180 degrees to east from zero point). Reality waves are also extending in meridian lines to the Portals North Pole and South Pole.


Equator plays a very important part in transmission of Reality waves. On the Subtle Plane it is an energy wave-guide (tube) in which Reality stream falls. In definite distance, along physical equator there are branches from this wave-guide in the form of parallel and meridian branches through which some quantities of Reality is extending along the Earth surface.


A scheme of the extending of Reality waves reminds principle of action of ordinary fountain: one round tube from which many smaller sized tubes are stepping aside. Water under pressure is falling into these smaller sized tubes.



Great number of smaller tubes is flowing together, and we see beautiful integral stream of water. Naturally regulating of water head and so on can change it. Add to these variations of light and sound, and you will get a conceptual copy of Reality. On the Subtle Plane the equator is working in the same way; pressure inside the wave-guide is created by the Earth Core energy.


As it was stated before, energy of time and space is non informative, i.e. it is neutral.  On physical plane a Reality may be realized only with fertilizing of chronoids (structural particles of time), spacioids (structural particles of space) and inforns (structural particles of information).


A process of Realization of Reality is a manifestation of Space Law of Spirit Divisibility and can be realized through the following analogy: having one alight candle you may light from it any quantity of the other candles; and your candle will continue to burn.














Earlier it was informed about principles of organization of three-dimensional reality, which reminds theater decorations or aircraft-simulators by truth destination.


Three-dimensional reality is virtual reality. That is why the ancient sages called our world maya illusion. The creators of movie The Matrix were very close to the Truth. Virtual reality is assembled from individual realities. The events occurring on the Earth look like a computer program, a purpose of which is to create conditions for evolution of three-dimensional man. A program only clicks keyboard to change decorations. Our reality is programmed due to a necessity of karmic circumstances. World around us is a decoration, virtual, special program, but people, their relation to the changes of decorations are real! The sense of all manipulations is in it.


True reality was substituted by a virtual one after cutting mans 10 DNA strands (only 2 are left).


2 strands DNA cannot discern virtual. Now humanity reminds a bullfight in amphitheatre: the bulls are fighting to death for no particular reason, the audience, the bulls masters, is watching them with enjoyment. The enjoyment from a murder is their food, and they have so many bulls.


However, time is coming when many bulls tear virtual helmets off and realize a reality. Their consciousness is opening to the programmers level. People, practicing and believing in the possibility of physical substances transformation by thought are really the rescuers of humanity, the creators of their own reality.


It is possible to change effected manifested reality by thought. By adding, substituting, transforming, inter substituting and so on. All this is causal transplantation, i.e. change of substance mentally.


Shortly after it will be possible to perform mental implanting implantation into a body specific genes for achieving some physical effect. Now the Curators of the Earth are doing this, but during the transitional period the Earth special command will do it a team of mental surgeons chosen from people. A purpose of implantation is saving of physical bodies of those people who kept necessary spiritual and evolutional potential.











Energy of the Reality is represented by combined energy of time and space. Circulation of time is putting into effect over meridians and circulation of time over parallels of the Earth. Such movement creates permanent subtle magnetic field, deterrent our physical three-dimensional Reality in 144000 km range. Out of this limit there is another reality, strange for a tellurian. Axis of the equator is subtle substance antenna, catching space energy, which, while flowing across North Pole and South Pole, also forms magnetic field. North Pole corresponds to minus sign; South Pole corresponds to plus sign. The Earth Core (Crystal) is in the middle of this field. Magnetic field energy ejects time and space to the equator and Greenwich through special Reality Portals and provides permanent circulation and renewal of our Reality.












 Reality defect  may be demonstrated by an example of congruence of a size of 1 degree of latitude at the equator and on a pole. If at the equator it equals to 110,537 m, at the pole it equals to 111,697m. What has become of 1,124m of our Reality? Obviously we deal with a transition of space into time. When density of space in increasing, density of time is decreasing.


When a person crosses time zones, he finds himself in conditional past or in conditional future. Reality vibration frequency changes, that is why an adaptation, i.e. synchronizing of frequencies is necessary for an organism.


Reality can be viewed as an analogue with modern computer. A computer (iron) is our brain. However, without program support (soft) it cannot work. Operational system in which our brain is functioning a computer is our physical three-dimensional Reality. Quantum Leap is all planetary upgrade of program support, replacement of one program of Reality to another one, more perfect, four-dimensional.


One of the reasons of impossibility for a tellurian to travel in physical body to the other worlds is incompatibility of the systems of Reality. Continuum constants, the other parameters of time and space will at once destroy a persons body if he will find himself in the other system of reality. In other words, program versions of the realities in different three-dimensional worlds are not always compatible. In such cases it is necessary to have Adapter of Reality Compatibility (ARC) that every person has in latent state. Its activation is possible only with achieving by individual a level of affiliating not less that 6 DNA strands and 51% of brain, i.e. with achieving by a man the level of the Six Race Divine Man. Activated ARC guarantees flexible adaptation in any realities to four-dimensional space-time continuum inclusive.


Final capsulation (or catching) of only one scenario of reality, which will become actualized, takes place at a distance of 40 days from the moment of realization of probabilistic scenario on the Earth physical plane.


 At the beginning, 40 days before actualization on physical plane, a version of reality realizes on causal plane, 9 days before on mental plane, 3 days before on astral plane. There is the earth sign of a cracked mirror. Its essence is that any bad event has already happened on the Subtle Planes, and in some days it will reach to our physical plane. It is practically impossible to change a reality when it has already fallen into 40-days home stretch.


In extraordinary cases such changing is put into effect only by Higher Forces in accordance with the

 Divine Law of Interference.  













Informational version of physical Reality is forming with info blocks (shots) going from the worlds of probabilistic realities. There are as many worlds of probabilistic realities as (minimum) many thoughts are emanating by the Earth mankind. Before probabilistic reality, given rise by a man himself, will be settled as a candidate for physical realization, it will pass through careful selective test. Generally, chance to be realized on the Earth have strong stable thought-forms of humanity, for example, collective thought-forms. The egregors play immediate role in a process of Reality formation. Thus, from many billion of realities first 144000 karmic versions are selected, after that, as far as realization approaches, 12000 versions, after that 144, 49, 12, 7 and, at last, 3. Final decision about a choice of one single Reality Manifestation version takes place in Causal Hall of the Earth Crystal. Certainly, ALL version of probabilistic Reality EXIST, but only one from them is chosen which will become the Reality for everybody!


At the moment when, in result of karmic selection, there will be only 13 versions of probabilistic realities, their curtailment ( ) or capsulation. It should take place at the distance of three days before from a point of realization (manifestation) with standard speed of Reality.


This situation can be liken to a process of fruit conception: during 9 months a maturity of realities takes place, during this process they interacted with each other.  It is going on preparation and selection of one single version that will become our manifested (realized) Reality. But, as it was stated before, The Earth Crystal makes permanent selection of block-shots of probabilistic realities that will be realized in physical manifested three-dimensional Reality.


However, this scheme is working only in normal conditions. With approaching of the Race changing or Quantum Leap, the phenomenon of curtailment of the quantities of probabilistic realities is observed. Now, in the Earth subtle sphere there is a process of speeded up curtailing of the processes connected with the systems of realities. The Earth Crystal zones where before a selection of probabilistic realities takes place are closing. It means that practically each mans thought is written now directly into karma forming zone of his Personal Logoistic Matrix. Now, as never before, it is important to follow the purity of your thoughts, emotions!


Everything is moving to the decisive moment, when only 12 possible versions of Reality will be left, their quantity will be constantly decreasing. Quantum Leap will be when only 2 possible versions of Reality: or/or; yes/no; life or death.  













During all Fifth Race everything concerning a possibility of ruling over Reality was under taboo of the Masters of the Earth. Any attempts to approach to a realizing of the sacrament of the World were strong suppressed, because they means for Black Entities loosing of the control over 2 strand three-dimensional people.


However now, the situation was fundamentally changed. Nobody and nothing can keep a man from rapprochement with the Creator, realizing of his Divine nature and Creative destination. A man is starting to see the light, to see invisible before Subtle World, and to realize that he is the Divine Son, not a slave, as it was made him understand for millenniums.


In ancient civilization of Lemuria and Atlantis, first a majority and later only elite could rule over Reality streams. Some of the ancient creative methods of making (ruling) of Reality become accessible for modern mankind.


Probably, many of you remember a plot of well-know movie The Matrix where main hero is evading from a bullet flying to him.


Generally, there are several variants of behavior of a person in such situations:


1.      Slowing down of local time section;


2.      Stretching of local space section;


3.      Reality replacement (substitution).


Those methods might be used by people who will be able to learn them for neutralization of critical situations (avoidance of road accidents, collisions of ships, airplanes, softening of traumatism and so on.) as for you as for the other people.


Method of time slowing down is mental-will psycho-energy impulse impact on a trajectory of unwilling objects; in result its physical three-dimensional speed is slowing down to the level a person is able to evade them. Method of space stretching ( increasing of the length of an objects trajectory, in result its physical speed is slowing down) is similar to above described method.


Method of reality replacement (substitution) is with mental-willing impulse effort a person for a moment pushes out unwilling object from our three-dimensional reality into parallel alternative reality. In result it occurs a phenomenon of automatic reversible displacement of alternative reality into our reality, and our reality into alternative one. A result of this manipulation is our bullet defeats only energy information phantom of a person in probabilistic alternative reality. But real person is not injured.


In life it looks like around a person, bullet is flying to, there is a semi-transparent cloud with visually perceptible convection air currents (as from heated object). It is a result of energy informational exchange between realities: during a replacement of one reality to another on our physical plane warmth is excreting and air temperature is locally increasing. All the same is occurred in the cases of poltergeist and ghosts.


Initiates of Lemuria and Atlantis also used a method of Capture of Cobra. Its essence is their joint consciousness with lightning speed was able to rush into the current of probabilistic realities just before the Earth Crystal starts to check them (i.e. before its realization) and tear out unwilling block-shots (information about the events). In result of this manipulation realized (manifested physical) Reality could be corrected by needed way. In such a way they prevented wars, mass deaths of people, nature cataclysms and so on.    










Initiate priests in the Subtle bodies entered Karmic (causal) level of the Earth Crystal and performed mandatory implantation of info-block of their needed version of probabilistic Reality just before its scanning by checking diamond of the Crystal (i.e. realization of physical Reality). Unrealized reality was pushed out into the worlds of possibilities. This method is also known as a method of loan Reality. In result of its usage it was managed to prevent unwilling evolutionary events, for example, waves and nature cataclysms. Sometimes the priests was even managed direct implantations of created by them thought-form in Causal zone of the Earth Crystal. In other words, they could create Reality!


But, unfortunately, with time they became to commit abuse of their gift and to break the Space Paws. Energies of Reality, one of them is now known as psychic, became to use at the evil, in result of it these civilizations were destroyed.









Planet Logos of any planet controls climate conditions on this planet. If, for example, a planet is in obscuration (Venus, Mars, Moon), core of planetary body thermonuclear reactor, support only punky reactions of thermonuclear synthesis for maintaining of potential vitality of a planet. It can be compared with a state of a persons organism during sleep and wake.


The situation is different with vigil planet, for example, Shelona (celestial system of zeta of Big Dipper), Centavrics (system of Alpha Centaurus) and the Earth. The difference between two above-named planets and the Earth is their climate is ruled by the entities living on them.


The Earth humanity after Quantum Transition into Four-dimensional Being will also regulate the Earth climate. However, point influence (from 1 square meter) on climate is already available for somebody now. Such influence is acceptably only for happy purposes, for example, for the sake of life saving of the planets zone from cold or hot. Actions for artificial modeling are carried out by two methods:


1)      Trough climate influence with a help of the spirits of natural elements (short-term natural ephorent);


2)      Through climate section of the Earth Crystal.


The second method is carried out in the following way:


Initiates arrive in inner zones of the Crystal and enter in the climate section. Later, they declare   their purpose and reprogram the Crystal for increasing (if warming is necessary) or decreasing (if fall of temperature is necessary) of heat exchange with localized section of lithosphere according to the planetary quadratic zoning.


Logos, getting a task, is carried out redirection of active sections of the envelops of the Earth core.


These envelopes are built under the principle of gills scaliness. Through the changing of an angle and the amount of openness/shut down of the microchips heat exchange is regulated.


Remember that   the Earth space structure is hierarchy structured pyramidal complex. The constant of surface zoning is from 1 square millimeter to thousands of square kilometers. Pyramids peaks are also varied from millimeters to scores of kilometers.


Thus, the Initiates have an opportunity to govern over the Earth climate practically in any territory of the planet.







According to this Law, if two entities have equal possibilities and knowledge to the influence on substance and Reality, a priority has one who is on the lower level of evolutionary development.


It means that if four-dimensional dark entities are programming a planet on destruction and three-dimensional people the initiates on rescue, the Creator will affirm a rescue as realized Reality, because this version was offered and realized by the lower form of intellect.



That is why there is a vital necessity of such work that is carried out by three-dimensional people at the request and under the leadership of the Ascended Masters of Hierarchy of Light. In Subtle and Fire spheres there is Armageddon unprecedented battle for the Earth. And what ordinary men are doing for the rescue of their planet has a priority meaning for a decision of the Creator Who will soon decide a destiny of the Earth and mankind.


Every person might get Initiation an access to the work on causal plane only after Fire Christening of Planetary Logos and the Galaxy Logos that corresponds to the Fifth Space (karmic) initiation of Hierarchy of Light. This level corresponds to biological opening not less than 6 DNA strands and 51% of brain. At that, through life one should reach this level.




Summarizing all above-stated it is necessary to make the following conclusions:


1.      A man is a creator of Reality and the Universe. First, he creates Reality by his attitude to it and after that he creates it on Causal (Causative) Plane;


2.      Realization by a man the essence of Reality opens for him a way to the Truth cognition.


3.      Cognition of the sense and organization of Being release a person from a necessity of incarnation in three-dimension, he tears The Wheel of Sansara. It gives him an opportunity to become full participant of spiritual evolution of the Space, to Change, to Ascend and to become appeased in the Divine Grace of Eternity of Intelligent Multi dimensional Space!





May 26, 2002






(c) Vladislav Bulgakov, 2003




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